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1. GTAUTOCAR operating rules

1.1 These rules GTAUTOCAR web site (hereinafter - the rules) set GTAUTOCAR website consumer rights, duties and responsibilities.
1.2 GTAUTOCAR Web site user (hereinafter - the user) is a person who wants to view GTAUTOCAR web site content, or participating GTAUTOCAR Internet site activities.
1.3 You agree unconditionally with the GTAUTOCAR operational rules and undertake to abide by. Persons who do not at least one GTAUTOCAR operating rules, provided no right to use GTAUTOCAR Web site.
1.4 GTAUTOCAR is information about the sale of vehicles, provided that the vehicle auctions online organization.
1.5 GTAUTOCAR activities of the JSC Gelgotos transport ".

2. Disclaimers

2.1 GTAUTOCAR not liable for losses that may arise from GTAUTOCAR use of the information provided.
2.2 UAB Gelgotos transport "GTAUTOCAR not responsible for the failure or the loss of participants or a third party caused by technical difficulties, or other events, which GTAUTOCAR can neither control nor influence and are unable to carry out GTAUTOCAR activities.

3. Information about data security

3.1 User submitting GTAUTOCAR site, declares that it makes of its own accord and agreed to submit the data to be stored electronically GTAUTOCAR database for an indefinite period.

4. Copyrights

4.1 All information contained in GTAUTOCAR website is UAB Gelgotos transport 'property. UAB Gelgotos transport "is all right to GTAUTOCAR web site content and GTAUTOCAR database owner, and has the exclusive right to their use. Any third-party Web sites performed at GTAUTOCAR content and GTAUTOCAR databases of information change, processing, copying without written permission GTAUTOCAR and / or breach of GTAUTOCAR rules of operation, is copyright violation, punishable in accordance with Lithuanian legislation.

5. Applicable law

5.1 GTAUTOCAR activities are carried out under the Lithuanian law. Any disputes as a result of GTAUTOCAR activity or related to it, will be resolved by negotiations, and if the disagreements peacefully neišprendžiami, settlement of disputes between the Ministry of laws.